Men's Hendrix Monk Slipper in Blue and Ice Linen - Maison Kingsley Couture Spain
Men's Hendrix Monk Slipper in Blue and Ice Linen - Maison Kingsley Couture Spain
Men's Hendrix Monk Slipper in Blue and Ice Linen - Maison Kingsley Couture Spain
Men's Hendrix Monk Slipper in Blue and Ice Linen - Maison Kingsley Couture Spain
Men's Double Monk Slipper in Blue and Ice Linen - Maison Kingsley Couture Spain
Men's Double Monk Slipper in Blue and Ice Linen - Maison Kingsley Couture Spain

Men's Double Monk Slipper in Blue and Ice Linen


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The history of the men's monk slipper traces back centuries, originating from the European monastic tradition. Monks sought footwear that offered comfort, durability, and simplicity. The monk slipper, characterized by its buckle fastening across the instep, emerged as a practical and stylish solution.

Over time, the monk slipper evolved from a humble monastic necessity to a fashion statement. Its unique design, combining elements of a shoe and a loafer, appealed to both men and women. Today, Maison Kingsley Couture Spain carries forward this rich heritage, crafting luxury monk slippers by hand with exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Maison Kingsley Couture Spain takes pride in their traditional production methods, ensuring the highest quality in every pair of shoes. Their process begins with carefully selecting premium materials, such as fine leathers and exotic skins, known for their suppleness and longevity. These materials are meticulously sourced from reputable suppliers who prioritize ethical practices.

The brand's commitment to sustainability extends to their use of natural dyes and oils in the creation of their monk slippers. These organic substances not only enhance the shoes' appearance but also minimize environmental impact. By avoiding harmful chemicals, Maison Kingsley Couture Spain promotes a greener approach to luxury footwear manufacturing.

The true essence of Maison Kingsley Couture Spain lies in their hand-painted bespoke footwear. Each pair of monk slippers becomes a canvas for artistic expression, with skilled artisans meticulously hand-painting intricate designs, patterns, or motifs directly onto the leather. This personalized touch adds a unique and exclusive element to every shoe, making them truly one-of-a-kind.

To ensure durability and longevity, Maison Kingsley Couture Spain employs the Goodyear welt construction method, known as the gold standard in the industry. This technique involves stitching the upper, insole, and outsole together, creating a strong and water-resistant bond. The result is a pair of monk slippers that can withstand the test of time and offer exceptional comfort with every step.

Maison Kingsley Couture Spain understands the importance of maintaining the shoes' shape and condition. As a testament to their commitment to excellence, each pair of monk slippers is accompanied by complimentary Cedarwood shoe trees. These shoe trees help maintain the shoes' shape, prevent creasing, and absorb moisture, ensuring they remain in pristine condition for years to come.

To add a personal touch, Maison Kingsley Couture Spain offers the option to have initials embossed on the heels of the shoes. This customization feature allows customers to leave a lasting impression and make their monk slippers truly their own.

In summary, the men's monk slipper has a rich history rooted in monastic tradition, evolving into a stylish and timeless footwear choice. Maison Kingsley Couture Spain carries on this legacy by meticulously handcrafting luxury monk slippers. Their commitment to traditional production methods, sustainable materials, hand-painted designs, Goodyear welt construction, complimentary shoe trees, and personalized embossing sets them apart in the realm of bespoke footwear. With each pair, Maison Kingsley Couture Spain offers a unique blend of heritage, luxury, and individuality.

Aromatic and deodorizing Cedarwood shoe trees, embossing of your initials on both outer heels, and express shipping are complimentary with every purchase of Maison Kingsley Men's Slippers. Hand-made and shipped worldwide directly from our factories in Spain. 

Would you like to add embroideries, embellishments or hardware to create a 1 of 1 bespoke design? Do so with ease by selecting the red CUSTOMIZE button above. Endless possibilities await you in the adjoining 3D Luxury Studio.

Full Colorway Pictured:

Base: Blue Linen

Upper/Vamp: Ice Linen

Trim: Painted Calf Med Brown

Lining: Tan Leather

Quarter: Blue Linen

Buckle: Copper Metal

Outsole: Outsole Natural

Sole: Leather Sole Cognac

Package Details:

  • Complimentary embossing of initials on both outer heels. You may choose a maximum of 8 characters total. You may include numbers [0 - 9], letters, white spaces or characters such as / - @ $ & .
  • Package includes complimentary Maison Kingsley Couture Spain aromatic and deodorizing Cedarwood shoe trees.
  • Two branded dust bags, one for each shoe, two per pair. 
  • Complimentary Express Shipping worldwide.
  • Pay in full or split payments into 4 & pay over time with Shop Pay.

Maison Kingsley Couture Spain Initials Embossed on Heel

  • Complimentary personalization of shoe box with name or message of choice. Can be printed on the label to be placed on the box. (30 characters max) 

    Maison Kingsley Couture Spain Personalized Box label

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