Zaragoza Travel Tote in Cognac Brown and Navy Calf Leather - Maison de Kingsley Couture Harmonie et Fureur Spain
Zaragoza Travel Tote in Cognac Brown and Navy Calf Leather
Zaragoza Travel Tote in Cognac Brown and Navy Calf Leather

Zaragoza Travel Tote in Cognac Brown and Navy Calf Leather


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Meet Zaragoza

A bespoke business traveler's essential. Minimalist yet functional, this stylish tote bag is secured with a zip closure as well as a buckle strap. It features an internal zip pocket, fully lined interior, and a detachable shoulder strap for hands-free travel. We've also paired this silhouette with a classic name tag and leather handles for that timeless, professional look. 

Masters of Hand-craft

All Maison Kingsley Couture bags are hand-made in Ubrique, Spain - current artisans for the most recognized and luxurious brands of Italy and France. Our tanners and leather-workers in Spain are renowned worldwide for their extensive experience and unique savoir-faire. Excellence in craftsmanship has been at the very heart of the region for nearly 100 years. Hallowed traditions and century-old expertise are preserved and revived in our creations by exceptionally skilled artisans. 


We employ only the choicest Italian raw materials in our creations, resulting in manufacture of impeccable quality. Zaragoza is hand-made with your choice of Italian leathers and sartorial fabrics, and hand-painted with natural oils and dyes. Customize this luxurious travel tote to your exact specifications in our adjoining 3D Luxury Studio by selecting the red CUSTOMIZE button above. Complimentary shipping from Spain worldwide.


Inches: 14.2 x 16.5 x 6.3

Centimeters: 36 x 42 x 16

Full Colorway Pictured:

Front and Back: Painted Calf Cognac

Sides: Painted Calf Navy

Stripe Base: Painted Calf Cognac

Stripe: Painted Calf Navy

Corner: Painted Calf Cognac

Hardware: Gold

Handles: Painted Calf Navy

Zipper Tape: Brown

Inner Lining: Brown

Burnishing Finish: Finishing Normal

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Everyone loves the Chukkas. Wore them to my 3rd interview and killed it! I literally have gotten compliments every time I've worn them.

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Chris. Instagram: @sirwestmoreland
Snellville, GA

"Wow the bag has arrived on time as promised thank you so much its beautiful I really love it I will definitely send your info to all my buddies. I definitely want a black Gator belt."

Rod of Golden State Paving
Menifee, CA

"Just got the jacket. Beautifully made and very happy with the craftsmanship! Thank you!"

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Michael: Instagram: @mpgqi
Weston, FL

"The quality, the crafstmanship, the service... all top tier! Thank you!!"

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New York, NY

"Stunning Croc loafers by @maisonkingsley"

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Todd. Instagram: @aott_neckties
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Custom Everything. Shout out to Maison Kingsley Couture for these amazing custom shoes and belt.

greg testimonial image maison kingsley couture spain maisonkingsley
Greg. Instagram: @greg_on_a_keg
Arabi, LA

As a realtor I have to look my best and i get no shortage of complements every time I wear my Egyptian Pharaohs! The quality is absolutely outstanding!

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Travis. Instagram: @travismoonrealestate

"I love them! They smell so nice!"

Melanie Maison Kingsley Couture Spain 1989
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Trussville, AL

"They are beautiful! You guys did a great job on these."

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Maison Kingsley couture spain 1989

Maison Kingsley Couture Bespoke Footwear Accessoris and Clothing

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