The House of Kingsley Couture Spain 1989

Hello everyone! Kingsley here, Creative Director and CEO. We specialize in men's, women's and children's hand-crafted luxury footwear, apparel, accessories and lifestyle products.

Maison de Kingsley Couture Harmonie et Fureur MCMLXXXIX (French translation) is the culmination of a life-long affinity with fashion I've always held close. As a child it was unbeknownst to me why I had such an obsession with the way I dressed, I just knew that if I didn't have a certain look I was unsatisfied.
My obsession with clothes grew into an obsession with shoes and accessories. In 2014 the epiphany hit. I wanted to be a fashion designer. The profundity with which this sudden clarity struck me was truly life changing... 
Originally the brand was to be Maison Kingsley Couture New York with a separate brand named Harmonie et Fureur Paris, but the advent of the pandemic which subsequently lead to the closing of New York in early 2020 prompted me to marry the two. Thus the House of Kingsley Couture Harmony and Fury 1989 (English translation) was born.
Creating a luxury brand that is young, stylish, innovative, and has its own character and flare while simultaneously integrating cutting-edge technology at it's core has been a dream of mine since I first started sketching clothes. Fast forward with me to present day:
Materials used at Maison Kingsley are sourced in Italy, then used to hand-craft our products in Almansa, Ubrique, and Toledo Spain. Typically, lead-time between purchase and landing is 1-5 weeks, depending on the product. Upon completion we then ship from Valencia, Spain worldwide with complimentary DHL Express shipping (3-4 days worldwide once shipped).
Here you will receive only the most exemplary design of designs, and as a perfectionist I will accept nothing short of excellence for Maison Kingsley Couture Clients. Stringent Quality Control is an integral part of the Maison Kingsley 
Our artisans are some of the most skilled and meticulous in the world, with knowledge passed down through generations. Their craft is interwoven with the social fabric of our principal manufacturing locale, Almansa, Spain. 
I feel this expertise, this deep understanding of our craft, places Maison Kingsley Couture Spain a cut above the rest. We do not mass produce, on the contrary, every design is bespoke, crafted and painted by hand. At times up to one hundred different artisans may contribute to the production of a single item.
With our cutting edge, life-like 3D Luxury Studios, you can create your own designs
With over 1 billion possible combinations at your fingertips, the possibilities are truly endless. You can find all official Maison Kingsley Couture links at:
Thank you for choosing Maison Kingsley Couture Harmony & Fury 1989, I look forward to bring you the best products this world has to offer.
- Kingsley Hendrix 🌹⚔️